The Hollow


"The Hollow is one of the more deeply inspired collaborations of all time.  Features Mathias Grassow's dark drones and Jim Cole's psychoactive overtone vocals. The effect is enchanting."

  1. Spring Dawn
  2. Ululations Thru The Hollow
  3. Dark Swirl
  4. Aspire
  5. Vanishing Flame
  6. Contemplation
  7. Still, the Water Rushing


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The Hollow Reviews

On The Hollow, Cole teams up with German ambient synthesist Mathias Grassow for a collaboration that brings out the absolute finest in both musicians.... Instrumentation is primarily synths, flute, singing bowls, with Cole’s harmonic overtone singing and tamboura; guest musicians contribute glass harp, bow chimes, didgeridoo and percussion. In addition, field recordings are used generously to add effects and atmosphere, as on the opener “Spring Dawn” where the sound of a stream, rain, birds, and insects introduce the powerful drones...

“Ululations Through the Hollow” take the drones deeper and darker, closer to the ever-expanding subconscious states where all sounds merge...

Things get more intense and introspective on the appropriately titled “Dark Swirl”, and eventually we end up at “Vanishing Flame”, where a fire slowly introduces Cole’s overtone harmonics and later Grassow’s drones, merging to become one organic breathing cosmic being for its 24 minute duration.

~ Peter Thelen, Exposé




The centerpiece of The Hollow is the nearly twenty-four minute "Vanishing Flame," a remarkably slow and evolutionary work with the sound of running water and rain melding seamlessly with drones and Cole's vocal magic....the transitions from phase to phase are patient and deliberate.

"Dark Swirl" is a total immersion into the best kind of deep space music, as inky black smoky drones pour into overtone singing.  This is followed by the delicate "Aspire," on which Mathias brings a fragile sense of beauty to his keyboards.  The music on this album represents one of those rare occasions when two musicians merge their considerable talents into a true symbiotic outcome.  Mathias Grassow and Jim Cole have given us a modern masterpiece.

~ Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

Deep - Breath - Silence


  1. Encircling
  2. Deep
  3. breath
  4. Silence
  5. Cathedral Dome

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