Christopher Robin

I was in Cotton Hollow                                            

Moved by rushing water

Walking in the hemlocks under a too true sky

Cool fragrant early morning air     

Silvery light is filtering through    


Beauty all around                                       

Tears of joy abound

Ever grateful

For consciousness and for being alive being alive

He was there laughing with you              

You were here in me laughing

I know you were

Feeling all that I was feeling as I was feeling you through me   Yeah

Being all that I was being as I was being you through me


Oh ocean of tears

Now know good grief


Feeling all that you are feeling  

Feeling all that I am feeling

Feeling all that you are      

Feeling all that I am    

Being all that you are  

Being all that I am   

Being all that you are I am you are yeah

Feeling all that you are      

Feeling all that I am

Feeling all that you are I am you are yeah


You are in Cotton Hollow                                      

Moved by rushing water 

Walking in the hemlocks under a too true sky

Cool fragrant early morning air     

Silvery light is filtering through


All the beauty gathers round you           

All the beauty that’s in you


Emily Cole Photography

Cloud Play

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Cloud Play

Padded barefoot through the woods and streams

Without a sound   Without a trace

Purring content within

I am high

Above the falls   Above Bear Rock

At the edge of this bright, bright world

Through whispering pines I feel you O Mountain

and that which sings everything into being


Here a cloud appear:



                    Strands unravel

                                Spectralizing in the sunlight

Merging once again downwind 

Momentary pattern:

The mystery and manifestation dancing

Rush of consciousness ever fly---by-by-by-bye


Now that you and I are imbued with song, we wander freely in the unfathomable  

Deliciously lost in the unfathomable

Momentary pattern: the mystery and manifestation dancing


Glastenbury Mtn

What we’ve begun here now                    

Will live on (2nd time: on and on and on again)

Our love will generate, generate            

Live Beyond


The Hollow

You are an ever green well of wonder and mystery

Oh how i love you


 Emily Cole Photography

Surreal Light

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Light Bearer

View 3 towering pines on ridge top deep within the forest

To whispering giants, to light bearing guardians

Far far to mighty flourishing beings

I will bound this seductive snowscape

to offer giant jim-hug  

O Mother Meshomasic      …of thee I sing


Glacial field of boulders lichen-painted waving trees

Brook bubbling downpour alive

Greenly leaping spirit conjured

Trees gleaming, glittering, by dawn glowing light 

Dazzling sunlight, spectral color dance on crystal snow     

Tracks of myriad beings everywhere      …of these I sing  


Aha you 3 delightful trees here far away very near 

Bunny-bounded deep into the forest to meet you

Then bear-embraced          communing with you

…of trees I sing           Trees sing


 Emily Cole Photography

Light Bearer


Light Shines in Your Heart

Spring's coming then the summertime

Birds are singing now they've all flown away

Emily said: 

"When you wish for things light shines in your heart so you know I'm with you"

Trees are greening now they're all on fire

Leaves are falling now they've all blown away

Now you're free

How many breaths we've shared

And the light that shines clearly

You know I'm with you

I'm in you



It is the Spring and the warmth we had felt

Here in a shadow and nowhere deeper to me

Many a moon in the land we have dwelt

Where the weather changed became what we felt

The rain falls from a veil

In Summer’s Haven how will I grow?

Will it bide where I go?



...And I will love to be here      I will love to be here   To be here


Growing that we touched we relied on the seasons

Stepped on the shadows and defied all the reasons

Absorbed all the sunsprung life that was ours

Many-colored moments that you'd like to share

Have you lost ‘em?


Rejoy 2x  rejoicing (smile within 2x) now sing  

Rejoy 2x rejoicing smiling within 

Rejoice Sing - Rejoice Sing




Green fluttering flourishing   Kissing the light glow

Laughing in the dancing   Dancing in the laughing

Golden shimmer efflorescent.... Profusion of Life!


Repeat "Rejoy..."