Larry Derdeyn formed Leland Burr in the late 90's as an improvisational quartet.  Leland Burr created new music every time they played out.  For this album Hover Larry played synth, kalimbas, tibetan singing bowl, water pot, percussion, bass, bells and Bolivian flute.  He was joined by Geoffrey Brown on percussion with live loops and voice and Jim Cole overtone singing, steel cello, tamboura and live loops.



  1. Cusp of Knowing
  2. Recesses
  3. A Maze of Hedges
  4. The Soothing Edge


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Moody, atmospheric, and just dripping with primal energy    

~ Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire


Leland Burr is an improvisational trio, with the players focusing on exotic acoustic timbres such as Tibetan singing bowls, steel cello, tamboura, kalimbas, etc. Minimal percussion loops snake in and out...

~ Allen Welty-Green, Ambient Visions