The Way Beyond


"A paradigm shattering work by one of the brightest lights in today's ambient scene"


The Way Beyond with a collage of nature photos


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Quiet, calming, and meditative;

deeply textured and sublime.


Achingly poignant.


~ Bill Beck




Jim employs a stunning array of sounds, such as walls of synthesizers, didgeridoo, flutes, accordion, cello, vocal choirs, and many heavenly sounds the listener has never heard before. The amazing thing is all of these sounds are performed with only his voice, using reverb and looping, "live on the fly"!

....This is music that enriches and replenishes the spirit....this is a great disc for meditation, contemplation, yoga or inner journeys!

~ Dodds Wiley,


Imagine a very beautiful and haunting sound, filled with voices and echoes overlaying and blending, bending, growing and decaying, drifting freely....intensely beautiful and mystifying sonic edifices that are hypnotic, soothing and transcendent.

~ Peter Thelen, Exposé


Emotionally charged, meditative and just beautiful.

~ vidnaObmana




..."Astral" unfolds so gradually in wave after wave of beauty and bliss.  The music is like slowly and effortlessly gliding over a rolling landscape with the glow of soft purple light from a setting sun bathing you and the land below.

~ Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire


  1. Astral (with nature pictures collage)
  2. Light Shines in Your Heart
  3. Transformations


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It is a work of staggering beauty and nuance, at once improvisational and composed.

This disc has such an emotional and spiritual resonance for me; it is as if Cole had tapped into my biorhythms for 74 minutes, occupying my thoughts, and impregnating all activity around me with meaning

~ Brian Bieniowski, The Ambient Review