1. Bislama

2. Offering

3. Satari

4. Theidea

5. Sanguine Moon

6. Waking the Divine

7. Samui

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Bislama Reviews

This excellent ethno-ambient album is filled with exotic sounds of gamelan, koto, Tibetan bowls, ethnic percussion, sounds of raindrops and faraway thunder...

The compositions send us to a world of green tropical remote islands, to the shores of blue lagoons as well as to the enigmatic outer space - mystical, purple splashes pulsing from the depths of otherworldly canyons - that is the magic of Alpha Wave Movement's music supported by the deep vibrating throat roaring and high pitched whirr of Jim Cole's overtone singing.

Hypnotic and melodic, it's a very serious and valuable work - at moments similar to Propagation by Robert Rich.

~ Andrey Pechkaryov, Jazz Quadrant (translation by Sasha Parsadanov)




Many parts of this disc are truly magical in their scope, like powerful cinematic imagery set to music. “Sanguine Moon”, for example, combines multi-tracked voices (simple and harmonic singing) with droning synths, drums and a tuned wooden percussive sound, gongs and metallophones, creating a very active rhythm substrata.

~ Peter Thelen, Exposé

A truly synergistic effort...a natural blending of elements that go perfectly together. It links future and past, cutting-edge electronics and the original instrument, the human voice, into a singular musical message....The music grows and changes organically, sometimes dramatically as with “Satari,” which bristles with restrained intensity and power.

~ 2001 © Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine



Theoretically, the influence of Bislama has been the culture and music of Micronesia. The music and mood absolutely reflect this through Kyryluk's imaginative use of sounds and tones both electronically manipulated and synthetic in origin along with Cole's wondrous singing and chanting. Ceremonial bells ring, exotic percussion rumble, gamelan rhythms cycle, all beneath a varying layer of floating synth pads and harmonic vocal improvisations. But the idea of this album is deeper than its cultural sources. Bislama is a metamorphosis of talent, sound and music derived through collaboration and improvisation. The two have created an album stylistically unique and complexly diverse.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END