Overtone Singing Playshop:

Wednesday May 31   8 - 10 pm

Jim Cole + Spectral Voices will demonstrate overtone singing.  Then we will teach you basic techniques.  Most of the evening will be devoted to all of us overtone singing together - a delightfully meditative, connective, transformative and joyous experience.  This will occur at a home in Glastonbury.  All ages and abilities are welcome.


To reserve a seat please contact:   jimcole "at" spectralvoices.com


Jim Cole overtone songs live:

Wednesdays   5 - 6 pm     Berkins Blend Cafe

1003 Hebron Ave. Glastonbury CT 06033   

 Next appearance:

Wednesday May 31



Friday June 9   2 - 3 pm   The Kitchen Cafe 

500 Main St.  Hartford CT 06103



Past solo performances:

150 Prospect Coffee House   anchor performer 10/8/16 

Berkins Blend Cafe   (numerous)

The Kitchen Cafe   (numerous)

numerous open mics throughout CT



Lyrics + images for a few new songs:


Light Bearer

Surreal Light Bearer

(click on image for more detail)                              Emily Cole Photography


View 3 towering pines on ridge top deep within the forest

To whispering giants, to light bearing guardians

Far far to mighty flourishing beings

I will bound this seductive snowscape

to offer giant jim-hug  

O Mother Meshomasic      …of thee I sing


Glacial field of lichen-painted boulders

Waving trees, brook bubbling downpour alive

Greenly leaping Spirit conjured

Trees gleaming, glittering, by dawn glowing light 

Dazzling sunlight, spectral color dance on crystal snow     

Tracks of myriad beings everywhere      …of these I sing  


Aha you 3 delightful trees here far away very near 

Bunny-bounded deep into the forest to meet you

Then bear-embraced          communing with you

…of trees I sing           Trees sing


 Emily Cole Photography

Light Bearer


Video playlist of Jim Cole's overtone songs:




Rock Art Corner

On Meshomasic Mountain:





 Cloud Play

Cloud Play

(click image for more detail)                          Emily Cole Photography


Padded barefoot through the woods and streams

Without a sound   Without a trace

Purring content within

I am high

Above the falls   Above Bear Rock

At the edge of this bright, bright world

Through whispering pines I feel you O Mountain

and that which sings everything into being


Here a cloud appear:



                    Strands unravel

                                Spectralizing in the sunlight

Merging once again downwind 

Momentary pattern:

The mystery and manifestation dancing

Rush of consciousness ever fly---by-by-by-bye


Now that you and I are imbued with song, we wander freely in the unfathomable  

Deliciously lost in the unfathomable

Momentary pattern: the mystery and manifestation dancing